Ilya Pavolotsky President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pavolotsky has over 20 years of experience serving in executive positions within various technology companies. Leading strategic business development and day-to-day operations at Fourth Dimension Software (FDS), he has successfully developed product marketing programs, and established domestic and international relationships with strategic business partners. During his tenure, Mr. Pavolotsky was instrumental in growing Fourth Dimension Software from a Silicon Valley start-up to a leading technology provider for the global travel industry. Mr. Pavolotsky has a Masters of Science in Engineering from St. Petersburg University and studied business administration at the University of California at Berkeley.

Leonid Mazin Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Mazin has more than 15 years of experience in designing, building and managing enterprise software development projects. In his current role he leads all product strategy, software engineering and implementation services at Fourth Dimension Software. Mr. Mazin held a variety of software engineering and senior project management positions at FDS. He holds a Masters of Computer Science from State Marine Technical University, Russia.

Jacob Gluz Founder

With more than three decades of experience in the design, development and implementation of enterprise technology in the financial, manufacturing, retail, software and travel sectors, Jacob Gluz oversees strategic business development and overall project management for FDS. Educated in Russia with MS degrees in computer science and applied mathematics from Moscow State University, Mr. Gluz arrived in the United States in 1978 and worked as a software consultant in several firms before launching his own consulting firm, which would later become Fourth Dimension Software (FDS). With no outside investment capital, he grew the company into a successful software development company specializing initially in enterprise applications and development tools for the Tandem/NonStop computing platform and eventually in travel industry solutions and CONTOUR. With his combined experience in software development and management as president and CEO of FDS, Mr. Gluz qualified as a finalist for the 1992 Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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