CONTOUR: A Complete Solution

Most tour operators maintain multiple systems: one for inventory contracting, another for pricing, yet another for online bookings. CONTOUR provides complete coverage of the tour operator business within a single, easy-to-use system. Whether your business has one brand or 10, 20 contracts or 2000, CONTOUR can help you reduce your costs and streamline your operation with a single, complete solution.

Unmatched Functional Richness

Most tour management systems today came from a specific business environment or company. Some may support charters or packages well, but not dynamic packaging. At FDS, we know that no two tour operators run their business the same way. CONTOUR was designed from the ground up to offer inherent flexibility and functional richness to support an unlimited number of product types and other business needs: escorted tours, charters, fixed and flexible packages, FITs, dynamic packaging, and much more.

Multi-Channel Distribution & Management

Many tour operators today struggle with legacy systems that do not efficiently support online sales or real-time connectivity to other critical systems. CONTOUR has been designed from the outset to support open technology standards and online selling. CONTOUR’s rich rules engine gives you unrivalled precision to tailor your products and prices to specific channels to optimize your yield and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Improve Productivity with Automation

CONTOUR Innovation: Most tour management systems do not provide sufficient coverage of mid- and back-office business processes for tour operators, and yet a tour operator’s ability to manage these aspects of their business optimally make the difference between profit and loss. CONTOUR automates and streamlines critical operational processes across the travel enterprise: mid- and back-office processes such as vendor advising, queue management, customer and agency profiles, reservations history, payment tracking, business statistics and reports, cost accounting and much more. This dramatically reduces manual processing and improves back-office efficiency and staff productivity.

A Team You Can Depend On

FDS has a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget. Just ask Nouvelles Frontieres, the largest tour operator in France. FDS completed the migration of Nouvelles Frontieres on schedule in 2008.

FDS may be an innovative technology company, but our team knows travel and tour operating. Our client services staff comes from a background working in tour operators and travel agencies. From day one we work closely with your staff to understand your business and ensure your success with CONTOUR.

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