Packaging in CONTOUR: Unmatched Flexibility

CONTOUR TM unique packaging engine enables tour operators to build and offer a range of packages, from classic fixed package holidays to true dynamic packaging. With thousands of pre-built rules governing every aspect of a package and its components, CONTOUR delivers a level of functional richness and flexibility unmatched by other packaging systems.

Dynamic Packaging

CONTOUR provides a true dynamic packaging environment, enabling the traveller or travel agent to assemble an itinerary from a la carte components. The tour operator can define combination-based rules governing a range of package elements, such as pricing, where a condition is met that enables a unique package price, while sourcing and mixing content held within CONTOUR and externally, from the GDS or other supplier sources.

Fixed packages

CONTOUR enables tour operators to create a limitless variety of fixed, or pre-assembled packages with optional or mandatory components, component-based or package-based pricing, fixed or flexible travel dates, component-level substitution rules, and much more.

Alternative Dates and Products

CONTOURTM unique search and display capabilities enable tour operators to display not only core results on a fixed or dynamic package, but also available products and prices on alternative dates, and alternative products if a particular date or product is not available. This feature ensures that the traveler or travel agent can choose from the widest possible selection of options available early in the shopping process.

And this is just the beginning. Contact us to find out more about how CONTOUR can support your packaging needs.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Tour operators can easily manage all of their distribution channels with CONTOUR, which supports consumer direct sales, travel agent distribution, and a range of flexible and open technology solutions that enable integration with all third-party booking engines and distribution platforms.

Target your offers, optimize yield across all distribution channels

CONTOUR enables tour operators to customize their product offers, prices and other rules by distribution channel. With CONTOUR, sellers of packaged travel can define specific product options, deals, commission rates and other parameters at any point of sale, such as a specific Web site, travel agency, agency group or other customer segment.

  • Set up inventory, products and rules once
  • Define pricing, product, inventory allotments and other rules by channel
  • Sell online and offline, to consumers and travel agents
  • Change rules anytime, quickly and easily!

Open Technology for Flexible Distribution

EasyWeb Internet Booking Engine: Java-based IBE for consumer and travel agent Web sites, offering the rich functionality of CONTOUR yet easily customizable to meet your business needs

ContourLink: A flexible XML API to connect to any third-party booking engine or existing Web infrastructure.

Export XML: Export your package offers to external booking engines to via CONTOUR & trade’s Export XML.

TravelTainment: CONTOUR is integrated with the travel agent and B2C booking engines of TravelTainment, the leader in leisure travel distribution. CONTOUR customers can leverage TravelTainment & trade’s best-in-class leisure distribution solutions for travel agency and online selling.

Managing Groups with CONTOUR

CONTOUR provides full support and automation of group travel and the complexity of group reservation processing, from booking through to fulfillment. CONTOUR enables tour operators to

  • assign up to five hundred travelers to a single reservation record
  • create dedicated inventory allocations, pricing and offers to a specific group
  • define generic hotels so that specific hotel assignments can be assigned closer to departure
  • automate reservation processing (mid- and back-office functions) for all passengers and elements on a group booking, including GDS air
  • provide a Web-based extranet for the travel group

Contact us to find out more about how CONTOUR can help you manage and grow your group travel business.

Charters & Escorted Tours with CONTOUR

CONTOUR provides full support of charter and escorted tour operators. All of CONTOUR inventory and product management rules apply to charters and products leveraging charter content. In CONTOUR tour operators can

  • Define the equipment model (aircraft, motorcoach, cruise ship or block, and rail)
  • Define charters by flight or by schedule (stops)
  • Manage a range of charter routings, such as basic, triangle, and other configurations
  • Automate key mid-office functions (queues) for schedule changes and mass re-booking
  • Enable air search parameters that prioritize charter inventory offers in search results and for inclusion within packages (fixed or dynamic)

CONTOURTM escorted tour functionality is rich and complete, offering charter/escorted tour costing by load factor (where cost is variable, assigned per passenger based upon load factor), minimum passenger confirmation, departure processing, tour manager inventory assignment, and much more.

Contact us to find out more about how CONTOUR can support your escorted tour and charter needs.

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