CONTOUR: The Complete Solution for Consolidators

CONTOUR provides a complete airfare and travel agency management solution for consolidators, from complete GDS connectivity to booking, fulfillment and back-office integration.

Air content sourcing: CONTOUR provides deep GDS integration, including ATPCO, published, and net contracted fares, as well as the ability to manage post-booking functions such as schedule changes, cancellations, and SSR / OSI requests.

Airfare Management: CONTOUR provides a rich set of rules to managing net fare pricing, fees, commissions and more. All rules can be defined at multiple levels, including brands, distribution channels, airlines, travel agencies, etc. Key features include:

  • matrix-fare-display grid with easy rules to configure presentation and display prioritization
  • define mark-ups by flat amount or percent with caps
  • flexible commission handling including agency and consortia volume-based overrides
  • SSR and seat-map handling

Mid- and Back-Office: CONTOUR automates handling of all mid-office processing, such as schedule changes, ticketing conditions and reservation changes, and integrates seamlessly with existing back-office applications. CONTOUR also lets consolidators offer select access to mid-office functions to their travel agents, to let them make reservation changes and reduce manual handling costs.

Travel Agency Management: CONTOUR provides a robust travel agency management module that enables consolidators to manage thousands of travel agencies and agency groups and affiliations. CONTOUR can define commission levels for different products by agency groups and agencies, as well as automate the handling of retroactive commissions (overrides).

Net Fare Double Mark-up: CONTOUR enables consolidators to sell to travel agencies on a commission basis as well as enable travel agents to set their own mark-up on a net fare.

With CONTOUR, consolidators can give travel agents the control they want to manage their own margins on the products and services they offer their clients. CONTOUR’s unique double mark-up feature enables the consolidator to store his own cost, the travel agent’s price, and the additional mark-up determined by the travel agent to calculate the price.

Mark-up rules can be defined for vendors (airlines), origination and destination markets, schedules, distribution channels, booking window, agencies and agency groups. Consolidators can define each mark-up as a flat amount or percentage, and can set minimum and maximum controls.

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