Scalable, Resiliant, Reliable

The CONTOUR core application leverages HP Integrity NonStop servers, the industry-leading platform for applications that demand the highest service levels in an open environment. HP Integrity NonStop servers deliver the highest levels of application availability in the industry with fail-safe data integrity.

Click here for more information about HP Integrity NonStop computing.

Open Technology, Flexible Architecture

CONTOUR features service-oriented application tiers for user interfaces and connectivity to external applications and other travel systems. CONTOUR uses modern standard technologies (Java, XML, Web services, ODBC, etc.) to interface with any external systems for expanded distribution, access to supplier content, and more.

CONTOUR & trade’s EasyConnect communication layer is a Java-based, OS-agnostic application to manage interfaces with multiple external systems, such as

  • GDSs, bedbanks and other inventory systems
  • Payment processing services
  • Back office accounting, reporting, CRM, content management and other platforms

Click here for more information about CONTOUR & trade’s services for multi-channel distribution.

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