CONTOUR & the Tour Operator Business Process

CONTOUR provides comprehensive coverage of the tour operator business process for the building, distribution and management of packaged travel. From inventory and packaging to pricing, online sales, travel agency management, fulfillment and support, tour operators and travel packagers can manage their entire operation from one single and functionally rich platform. Please fill out the form below to receive a FREE consultation to learn more about how Contour can help your travel business. One of our representatives will contact you within the next few days.

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1. Inventory Management

Manage all product types

CONTOUR provides comprehensive inventory management for all travel product categories:

  • Air (scheduled, net, charter)
  • Accommodation
  • Package/Tour
  • Events/Attractions Tickets
  • Motorcoach
  • Car rental
  • Transfers
  • Cruise
  • Insurance
  • Rail

CONTOUR also provides the ability to define new product categories easily, without programming or development changes.

Inventory can be handled in several different modes with vendors:

  • Published (scheduled / retail)
  • Net Air Contracts
  • On Request / Waitlist
  • Free Sale
  • Block Allocations (risk, non-risk)
  • Sell & Report

Source inventory from external sources

Inventory can be stored internally in CONTOUR (hotel blocks, charter air, etc.) and sourced externally from a GDS or other source via the EasyConnect interface layer. CONTOUR supports integration with multiple GDS and vendor systems for access to rates, availability, booking and post-booking functions (for example, schedule changes and cancellations).

Optimize yield and utilization with unmatched flexibility and functionality for inventory control

CONTOUR enables tour operators to manage inventory across an unlimited number of business units, brands, product lines, distribution channels and customer groups (e.g. travel agencies, agents, groups, etc.). Through flexible rules for inventory limits, allocations, nesting and more, tour operators can tailor the inventory they make available to a specific point of sale for a specific duration, and optimize the use of specific inventory blocks to achieve optimal yield.

Load contracts, manage inventory through a simple, Web-based interface

CONTOUR’s easy-to-use browser-based user interface enables product managers and contracts to easily and efficiently load contract information and manage all inventory and rules.

CONTOUR Vendor Portal enables tour operators to provide their suppliers with secure access to manage their inventory and post-booking messages (mid-office functions) within CONTOUR.

2. Production

Optimal Efficiency, Powerful Precision

With CONTOUR, tour operators can manage all travel products – from flights and hotels to events, tours, insurance and more – to create all types of travel offers: fixed packaged trips including charters, dynamic packages, escorted tours, group travel, a la carte component sales, and more.

CONTOUR offers thousands of pre-built rules for commissions, payment policies, pricing, and much more. Pricing options include mark ups by percentage or flat amounts; you can also set-up limited time offers, special discounts and multiple fares and prices with different rules.

CONTOUR’s rules engine is very rich and flexible, allowing tour operators to be as precise as needed (for example, a distinct product or price for a particular distribution channel or even an agency). But CONTOUR is also built around a set of standard processes for efficiency and ease-of-use. Make changes quickly and easily.

3. Distribution

Expand Your Distribution, Grow Your Sales with CONTOUR

Tour operators can easily manage all of their distribution channels with CONTOUR. Sell directly to consumers, online and over the phone, and manage all of your travel agent distribution. CONTOUR also provides a range of flexible and open technology solutions that enable integration with all third-party booking engines and distribution platforms.

Target your offers, optimize yield across all distribution channels

CONTOUR enables tour operators to customize their product offers, prices and other rules by distribution channel. With CONTOUR, sellers of package travel can define specific product options, deals, commission rates and other parameters at any point of sale, such as a specific Web site, travel agency, agency group or other customer segment.

  • Set up inventory, products and rules once
  • Define pricing, product, inventory allotments and other rules by channel
  • Sell online and offline, to consumers and travel agents
  • And change rules anytime, quickly and easily!

4. Service & Support

Manage your bookings with new efficiency

CONTOUR provides comprehensive automation for all of the key processes that must be fulfilled once a booking is made:

  • Automated handling of changes and cancellations.
    • All changes made via CONTOUR are automatically sent through to all external vendor systems
    • All customer documentation and vendor advising is automatically updated and reissued (as required)
  • Complete reservation history with audit trail
  • Detailed customer and travel agency profiles tied to reservation history
  • Track payment status for each reservation and queues for automated follow-up

5. Fulfillment

Reduce Costs, Improve Productivity with Automation

CONTOUR automates all of the essential mid-office processes to fulfill reservations, including:

  • Customer documentation
  • Vendor advising
  • Payment tracking and handling, including multiple payment types (split payments, deposits, groups, and multiple payment forms)

CONTOUR enables tour operators to set policies and schedules for issuing documents to travelers, and reservation advice to vendors, such as rooming lists. When each booking is saved, CONTOUR checks the policies for the items booked and automatically puts the documents and rooming lists on queues to be sent out via batch. It is easy to make changes to specific items.

CONTOUR offers rich and easy-to-use functionality to manage all mid-office processes, and customize them according different brands, products, distribution channels, agencies, vendors, groups and more.

6. Back Office

Payment, Settlement, Accounting and Reporting

CONTOUR automates essential back-office processes and integrates with standard third-party accounting, financial and reporting systems.

CONTOUR records all financial transactions for commissions, payments received, payments due to vendors, taxes and fees and reconciles with invoices. A batch interface sends these General Ledger transactions to your accounting system for action.

CONTOUR maintains a comprehensive record of all system data – inventory, products, pricing, costing, profit, reservations, changes, profiles, etc… — and sends complete information to your data warehouse for business intelligence and reporting.

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